Why Us

Avivagen is fueled by results—the results of our science and trials, and those who tell us they are living their best lives now because of our patented products. Avivagen stands behind the science by providing a pure form of the naturally-derived flavoring agents that safely enhances feed consumption in livestock.

Avivagen has discovered the key.

Avivagen has unlocked β-carotene’s additional benefits by looking further into β-carotene’s natural tendency to oxidize in air. In air, beta-carotene combines with oxygen to form copolymers that partially break down into many small molecule compounds with various flavors and aromas. The result is a naturally formed product that provides health benefits including enhanced feed consumption. This is especially good news for farmers who can now include OxC-beta Livestock in their feed to optimize productivity.

We have a really good story to tell.
It’s kind of a detective story.
Here’s how it goes.

Chapter One

Epidemiological studies show that eating fruits and vegetables protect us against diseases like cancer and heart disease – especially eating foods with beta carotene.

What’s the clue?

Although beta carotene is a source of vitamin A, the levels of the vitamin are tightly controlled in the body and we cannot explain the results. But what if beta carotene has an effect apart from being a source of vitamin A? At first, others speculated that beta carotene functions as an antioxidant.

Chapter Two

Human clinical intervention trials testing high doses of supplemental beta carotene show significant increases in cancer incidence and mortality in heavy smokers and people exposed to asbestos. Many studies get underway to try and explain the negative outcome of the trials.

What’s the clue?

Although beta carotene is a source of vitamin A, the levels of the vitamin are tightly controlled in the body so scientists realized early on this cannot explain the epidemiology results. Although they speculated beta carotene has an effect apart from being a source of vitamin A, this effect clearly was not occurring in the clinical trials. Independently, we were operating from the standpoint that beta-carotene’s independent action was not that of an antioxidant but one of being a source of oxidation products that have anticancer activity. Even so, this independent action could not be occurring in the clinical trials. Significantly, the clinical trial beta-carotene supplements were formulated to be protected against oxidation, unlike the nutritional beta-carotene that is available naturally in foods. In other words, the supplemental beta-carotene provided in the clinical trials could not contain β-carotene oxidation products.

Chapter Three

Our team confirms that when beta carotene is oxidized, it has properties consistent with helping prevent cancer.1  The transformation of beta carotene by oxidation provides the actual active agents to support the immune function.

What’s the clue?

Avivagen first saw these results in dogs and livestock. Now we know that the non-vitamin A effects of beta carotene originates in its oxidation products.

1. G.W. Burton, J. Daroszewski, J. Phipps, Extensively oxidized derivatives of carotenoids, retinoids and related conjugated polyenes useful as non-toxic cell-differentiation inducers, anti-proliferative agents, and anti-tumor agents, U.S. Patent No. 5,475,006. 1995.

Chapter Four​

Avivagen confirms that beta carotene oxidation products occur naturally, often in significant quantities. For example, in plant food products, and humans have safely ingested dietary beta carotene oxidation products over countless years. Studies confirm it is safe.

The Final Chapter and Next Edition

Avivagen is the first company to develop a supplement that conveniently and consistently provides the additional benefits of beta carotene and vitamin A, yet does not contain either. This product is now improving overall health in livestock, pets and humans. And the next chapter? More products that help all of us live our best life.

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Our goal is to offer scientifically proven solutions that can truly benefit humans, food and companion animals by taking advantage of natural physiological mechanisms for maintaining optimal health.