Secrets revealed within β-carotene

Avivagen’s OxC-beta based products tell the untold story of beta carotene, or β-carotene, a micronutrient that is abundant in vegetables like carrots, sweet potato and pumpkins and has many health benefits. Originally, it was thought that these health benefits were due entirely to the conversion of beta carotene into Vitamin A.

But there is more to this story.

Avivagen’s years of fundamental research led to a major and transformational discovery. When beta carotene naturally reacts with oxygen it is transformed largely into a group of copolymer compounds, with diverse biological activities. 

Avivagen’s products are nature-based, and harness the multiple benefits of the rich content of the beta- carotene derived copolymer compound. There is no beta carotene or Vitamin Ain the OxC-beta products, yet they are shown to support feed intake in livestock and overall health in pets.

Healthy livestock

Dogs have a new
spring in their step

“This product is a breakthrough for improving the overall health of dogs. It’s like the discovery of a new vitamin – it’s unique, affordable and easy, prompting an increase in sales worldwide.”

– Jolyon Burton

President and Head of Investment Banking, Bloom Burton & Co.

Science has shown that beta-carotene has benefits beyond being a source of Vitamin A, but the benefits have been difficult to reproduce. Avivagen is changing this.