Healthy Livestock

Avivagen is helping farmers raise livestock to be healthier, naturally. There is growing pressure on farmers to maintain high production values and low costs, and Avivagen is helping to maximize profits for producers through supporting productivity by optimizing feed intake.

OxC-beta Livestock has proven beneficial in trials with thousands of animals. For a full description of trial results with this novel product, please read the scientific publications linked below.

“Avivagen’s OxC-beta Livestock product is a major global opportunity because it offers a cost-effective way to help improve feed intake in livestock and therefore support optimal productivity. Animals are growing healthier and faster and farmers are reaping the benefits. ”

– Kym Anthony

Chief Executive Officer, Avivagen Inc.

The benefits of OxC-beta Livestock

What research trials are telling us

Trial results, along with supporting in vitro studies, show that Avivagen’s naturally-derived flavor agents are the reason behind the benefits of OxC-beta Livestock.

When the OxC-beta product is added to livestock feed, the mixture of flavor compounds increases feed consumption. 

“This project will further strengthen UNAHCO’s green platform strategy ‘Safe Feed = Safe Food’. We’re very excited to work with Avivagen on their OxC-beta™ Technology, a nature-based feed ingredient that has been shown to enhance productivity.”

– Glen Ibañez

AVP-Technical Services of UNAHCO

The Evidence: Trials

OxC-beta Livestock has undergone extensive field trial and customer evaluations in dairy cattle, pigs and broiler poultry at research centres and customer facilities around the world. The results from these trials confirm the results of the published studies, under real world conditions.

40+ clinical and field trials

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